Hallwood Veg Boxes

Free Home Delivery

We deliver to your door weekly, fortnightly or as and when. No need to be in when we come just let us know where to leave the box.

Veg Boxes

We grow a vast array of seasonal vegetable and salad crops – See Availability – our veg boxes will contain a nice selection of what is at its best and ready for harvest. We are careful to vary what goes into the boxes so that you are not receiving the same thing week after week. You can opt whether to have potatoes in your box, if you don’t these will be substituted with an extra veg.


You are welcome to try a box with no commitment, you are not tied in at all.

Price Type Contents Suitable for
£12 Small Box Will contain approx 6 different veggies Singles/Couples
£14.50 Standard Box Will contain approx 8 different veggies Couples who like their veg/Small Families
£18.50 Large Box Will contain approx 9 different veggies Large Families/Keen veg eaters

Popular Veg Box additions

  • Local RSPCA Freedom Foods Free Range Eggs
  • Local Milk
  • Local Butter
  • Local Cheese
  • Other fruit/veg/salad not usually included in the boxes ie Mushrooms.

Likes & Dislikes

Ideally the veg box scheme works best if the contents of the boxes is left to us but, if there are one or two veggies your family simply won’t eat we can make a note of this and substitute with an alternative.


Fruit & Salad boxes

£7 or £13 for a nice mixture of what is in season, local as far as possible


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or call us on 01837 811 762 (landline) or 07831 186 269 (mobile) if you have any questions or requests.


Custom Veg Order

You choose exactly what you want each week from our huge range of vegetables, salad, fruit and other goodies. The weekly shopping list will be published here on the website:

Custom Veg Orders

Once you have registered as a customer you will be able to choose from the list and the order will then be delivered free to your door on your areas set delivery day. All we ask is that your order is a minimum of £15.